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Beads page 4, flowers and other natural shapes


4929. Yellow Coral.

Bright yellow vintage German acrylic coral stick beads! That's a lot of adjectives! 1/2 inch high.

15 branches for $1.00




2834. Fruit Salad.

Czech glass beads in a variety of fruity shapes. We can't get over how cute these are! There are all types of fruit- apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, lemons, limes, and more. Sizes range from 1/2 to about 5/8th inch. You will get an assortment of different types.

5 different beads for $1.00

sale 10 beads for $1.00 (you will get duplicates)




4926. Flower Beads.

Silvertone metal flower shaped beads. A smidge over 3/8th inch.

Only 1 set left.

5 beads for $1.00




4897. MOP Flower Beads.

Cute flower shaped beads made from MOP. The hole goes down through the middle so these could also be attached like a sequin. Beads are about 1/2 inch wide. You get about 20 beads per strand.





3965. Agate Flower Bead.

Red agate beads shaped like flowers. About 3/4th inch wide.

75 cents each

sale 3 for $1.00




3617. Moon Beads.

Czech glass beads of the Man in the Moon, available in four colors. These are only 3/8th inch wide.

Black, white, blue sold out.

10 beads for $1.00

sale 15 beads for $1.00




4116. Millefiori Stars.

Pretty red, white and blue star beads in a millefiori style. About 7/16th inch wide.

3 beads for $1.10

sale 5 beads for $1.10




4661. Glass Star Beads.

Shiny star beads in clear or yellow, both with an AB flash on one side. 1/2 inch wide.

10 beads for $1.00



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