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Beads page 5, miscellaneous beads



4942. Curved Glass Beads.

Curved glass beads in a fetching shade of lime green. A bit over 1 inch long.

5 beads for $1.00




4934. Frosted Bows.

Super cute bow beads in a frosted acrylic. The hole runs up and down through the middle. 13/16th inch wide.

6 beads for $1.00




4931. Bright Coral Beads.

Acrylic salmon or coral colored beads (more pink than they look in this photo) in an upside-down flower shape. 9/16th inch high.

5 beads for $1.00




4859. Red Beads.

Lightweight metal beads with plastic rhinestones around the edge. Add a little vintage style and sparkle without the added weight! 5/16th inch across.

10 beads for $1.00




4833. Striped Beads.

Cute Czech glass beads look like bunting to us! Stripes in four colors. Green, blue and pink are striped with clear. Red (top) is striped with white. You get a strand of 12 beads. Beads are about 5/16th inch high.

$1.50 per strand




4686. Bead Charms.

Shiny glass beads with silver metal loops. All the hard work is done for you! Beads are about 1/4th inch wide. Choose from hematite grey or metallic brown. Grey, blue sold out.

10 bead charms for $1.00




4504. Glass Domino Beads.

Cute glass domino beads in black or white. The number of dots varies from bead to bead. About 3/4th inch high.

Black sold out.

70 cents each

sale 2 for $1.00




4470. Cut Crystal Drops.

Small cut crystal drop beads in three colors. 7/16th inch high.

50 cents each

sale 40 cents each




4274. Black and Silver Beads, Flat.

Cute silver and black Czech glass beads. Flat lentil shape. About 3/8th inch long.

8 beads for $1.00

sale 12 beads for $1.00




4592. Jet Peacock Oval Beads.

Pretty Czech glass beads, black glass with an AB pattern. Beads are 3/8th inch high.

10 beads for $1.20

sale 12 beads for $1.20




3871. Handmade Glass Beads.

These beads are handmade from recycled glass, and are imported from Ghana. Each one is unique and they are very detailed. All are about 1/2 inch wide.

#2 sold out.

50 cents per bead

sale 3 beads for $1.00




4335. Aqua Bricks.

These beads are aqua colored and we think they look like tiny bricks. They are Czech glass and 9/16th inch long; that stuff we didn't make up.

4 beads for $1.00

sale 6 beads for $1.00




3763. Deco Beads.

Czech glass beads with a Art Deco pattern, in three soothing shades. Beads are 1 inch high with a silver floral pattern. Light green available, others sold out.

4 beads for $1.00

sale 8 beads for $1.00




4206. Black or White Beads.

Czech glass beads in black and silver or white and gold. 1/2 inch high.

White sold out.

4 beads for $1.00

sale 6 beads for $1.00




3016. Chinese Good Luck Bead.

Czech glass bead, red or green with gold accents. We are told it is a Chinese good luck bead, and you'll have to take our word for it, just as we take someone else's word for it. 3/4th inch high.

Red sold out.

30 cents each

sale 4 for $1.00







210. Glass Alphabet Beads.

These beads are 1/4th of an inch across and have black letters on white. Sold by the bead, select your letters from the box below. Heart beads are also available.

15 cents per bead


Or get a complete set of A-Z.




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