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Beads page 6, human shapes and body parts- skulls, Buddha, and more



4700. Brown Skull Beads.

Handcarved yak bone skull beads. About 1/2 inch high.

4 beads for $1.50




4640. Teeny Tiny Skull Beads.

VERY SMALL wooden skull beads. About 1/4th inch high.

4 beads for $1.00

sale 6 beads for $1.00




4362. Brown Bone Skulls.

Larger carved bone skulls, dyed brown. Each one is different, about 5/8th inch high.

80 cents each

sale 2 beads for $1.00




4351. Colored Stone Skull Beads.

Dyed magnesite skull beads in 3 bright colors. Perfect for Day of the Dead crafts! About 3/4th inch high.

$1.50 each

sale $1.25 each




4155. Bone Skull Beads.

Square bone beads have a jolly skull and crossbones design. Each has three holes running side to side. About 5/8th inch wide.

2 beads for $1.00

sale 3 beads for $1.00




3185. Carved Wood Skulls.

Small carved wood skull beads. If you buy several and put them together in a drawer, they will plan a coup to take over control of your desk. Watch out! Most are around 1/2 inch high.

3 skulls for $1.00

sale 6 beads for $1.00




2717. Skull Beads.

Mini skull beads carved from bone. Each is different, about 1/2 inch high. Are these the skulls of wee bugs? Perhaps.

Only one set left.

3 for $1.00

sale 7 beads for $1.00




4805. Face Bead.

Silver metal beads with a large hole. These have smiling faces all around the sides. About 5/16th inch high.

3 beads for $1.10




4481. Carved Wooden Heads.

These wooden head beads look hand carved; each one is different. About 3/4th inch high.

$1.00 each




3304. Glass Face Beads.

Double sided glass faces in five colors. 1/2 inch high, Czech glass.

Choose from purple, white, or hematite (shiny grey).

AB, turquoise sold out.

40 cents each

sale 3 beads for $1.00




4681. Resin Mermaid Beads.

Super pretty resin beads with an all-around mermaid pattern. These are a dark emerald green and about 1.125 inches high. You get one bead, 3 are shown to indicate how the image wraps.

$3.50 per bead

sale $3.00 per bead




5096. Hand Beads.

Tiny gold tone metal beads, a hand with a fancy eye. The holes run up and down. 5/16th inch high (pretty small!)

6 beads for $1.00




4272. Color Plastic Eye Beads.

Plastic eye beads in lots of bright colors. 3/8th inch. You will get an assortment of colors.

25 eye beads for $1.00

sale 40 beads for $1.00




4296. Blue Plastic Eye Beads.

Plastic eye beads, these are all blue. 3/8th inch.

25 beads for $1.00

sale 40 beads for $1.00




5132. Bronze Buddha Bead.

Bronze colored metal with a green verdigris style finish. 3/8th inch high.

2 beads for $1.00




5038. Small Buddha Head Beads.

Hard plastic beads in 3 bright colors. 5/8th inch high.

$1.00 each




4730. Large Plastic Buddha Bead.

Large Buddha beads made from hard plastic. They almost look like carved stone. Even the back is decorated. About 1.625 inches high. The holes go up and down.

$2.00 each

sale $1.00




4685. Color Buddha Beads.

Dyed magnesite makes a fun and bright Buddha head bead. About 3/4th inch high with the hole running up and down. Choose your color below; some are sold out.

$1.25 each

sale $1.00 each




4261. Metal Buddha Beads.

Heavyweight metal Buddha head beads. 1/2 inch high.

Silver, copper sold out.

Only one left in gold.

$3.00 each

sale $1.50 each



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