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Book pages page 4, children's books



3598. Kid's Book Pages Packet.

Pages from children's books, all at least 50 years old. You will get an assortment from all different books, and all will have some sort of illustration. Since these books were mostly well-loved, expect some pages to be slightly torn or worn, or have writing here or there.

10 pages for $2.00





4598. Assorted Worksheet Pages.

Oh-so-fun vintage children's worksheet pages. These range in ages from the 1940-60s and include different types of subjects. The pages are about 10.5 by 8 inches and you will get pages from 8 different books. Some pages may have handwriting on them.

8 pages for $1.00




4523. Assorted Spelling Book Pages.

For some reason, lists of words are interesting. We have many types of books for students that have different styles of word lists. These range from grade school to business school spelling books. Some pages may have writing on them. You will get 6 pages from 6 different old books. Many of these are over 100 years old!

6 pages for $1.00



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