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Charms page 3, body parts and faces


3300. Flat Faces.

Face charms in 3 colors. These have flat backs for easy gluing, but no holes. 9/16th inch high, choose from sterling silver plate, copper, or 18k gold plate.

80 cents each




4365. Flat Face Charm.

Similar to the product above, but this one has a loop on the back. Silver plated, 1/2 inch high.

$1.85 each




4619. Eye Charms.

Pewter colored metal eye charms. 7/8th inch long.

$1.50 each charm




4768. Mustache Charms.

Silver metal mustache charms for your debonair projects. 7/8th inch long.

$1.20 each




4961. Gold Paisley Hand Charm.

Small gold metal hand charms. One side has a swirl pattern, the other a paisley. 3/4th inch high.

4 charms for $1.00




4930. Hands with Cuffs Charm.

Silver colored metal charms of dainty hands with ruffled cuffs. 1 inch high, including the loop.

4 charms for $1.25




4921. Palm Reading Hand Charm.

Very detailed hand charms in two colors. The palm has markings for palm reading. 7/8th inch high, including the loop.

Gold sold out.

Only one left in silver.

$1.25 each




4812. Hand with Eye Charm.

Silvertone metal hand charm with a blue "evil eye" in the middle. About 3/4th inch high to the top of the loop.

4 charms for $1.00




4807. Hand with Buddha Charm.

Silvertone metal hand charms with a Buddha head on the palm. 11/16th inch high.

4 charms for $1.00




4804. Hand with Flower Charm.

Silver metal charm, double-sided hand with a flower in the palm. These are small, only about 5/8th inch to the top of the loop.

6 charms for $1.00




4777. Eye Hand Charms.

Silver metal hands with an eye in the middle. 5/8th inch high.

5 charms for $1.00




4766. Brass Hands.

Simple brass hand charms. 7/8th inch high.

2 charms for $1.00




4744. Decorated Hand.

Gold finish metal hand charm with a pattern. They are 13/16th inch high and the pattern is on both sides.

$1.40 each hand




4734. Hand with Heart Charm.

This silver metal hand charm would like to give you something. A bit over 3/4th inch high, including the loop.

4 charms for $1.00




4672. Flower Hands.

Nice pewter charms, choose from gold or silver color. They have a floral henna style pattern on each side. 3/4th inch high (including the loop).

Silver sold out.

$2.00 each




4478. Hand with Ring.

Metal hand charm with an antique pewter finish. This hand is holding onto a ring and won't let go, no matter how nicely you ask. About 1 inch high. Front and back are shown, you get one charm.

$1.35 each SOLD OUT




4359. Brass Hand.

Detailed brass hand charm. Almost 1 inch high including the loop.

Only one set left.

3 charms for $1.25




4227. Hand Pair.

Shiny silver, copper, or gold plated hand charms, left and right pairs. Hands are detailed and double-sided, so even the palms are nice. A bit over 1 inch high including the loop.

The copper hands may have small "age spots" in the patina.

copper, $2.50 for a pair
silver, $2.80 for a pair
gold, $3.55 for a pair




4367. Small Gold Hands Pair.

Small pair of left and right gold hands. 5/8th inch high.

$1.50 per set of 2





3964. Bone Hands.

Carved bone hands are very detailed and have carving on both sides. Cream color. About 1.5 inches high including the loop.

$1.50 each




3379. Star Pattern Hand.

Metal hand charm. Each hand is decorated on both sides with stars and a dot pattern, similar to a henna pattern. 1 inch high, including the loop. Choose from copper, silver, or shiny gold finish.

Copper and silver sold out sold out.

$1.00 each




3307. Moon and Stars Hand.

Antique brass colored metal hands with moons and stars. Double sided, 1 inch high.

95 cents each

sale 75 cents each




4842. Large Hand Charm.

Silver colored metal hand charm with a pretty design. 1.625 inches high, including the loop.

2 charms for $1.00




4881. Arm Charm.

Brassy colored metal arm charms. Left arm only. A bit over an inch high.

4 charms for $1.25 SOLD OUT




4957. Silver Eye Charm.

Silvertone metal eye charm. 7/8th inch wide.

4 charms for $1.00




4722. Silver Metal Feet Charms.

Silver metal charms of outlined feet. The reverse can be used for a pair but it does not have a mark on the big toe. 1 inch high.

4 feet for $1.00



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