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Charms page 5, leaves and flowers and other nature stuff


4944. Coral Branch Charms.

Pretty metal charms with a pink coral coating. 3/4th inch high.

2 charms for $1.00




4877. Red Snowflake.

Red plastic snowflake charms. About 1.125 inches across. A small hole runs through the point at the top.

4 charms for $1.00




4870. Brown Ceramic Leaves.

Small ceramic leaf charms made from ceramic. They are dark brown, darker than they look here. About 3/4th inch high.

2 leaves for $1.00




4836. Plastic Leaf Charms.

Plastic leaf charms in shades of green (naturally). 1 inch high. You will get an assortment of greens.

15 leaves for $1.00




4514. Shell Leaves.

Assorted leaf charms made from shell. Sizes range from about 7/8th-2 inches.

What we have right now are in the brown-white-grey family of colors.

5 leaves for $1.00




3184. Leaves.

Pretty silverplate leaves or feathers, 9/16th inch high. Lightweight.

10 leaves for $1.00

sale 12 leaves for $1.00




2811. Double Leaf.

Brass charm featuring a double leaf dangle or drop. 1.25 inches high, including loop.

2 charms for $1.00




4938. Flower Charm.

Silverplate charm with a very symmetrical flower design. 9/16th inch.

2 charms for $1.25




4932. Silver Flower Charm.

Pretty silverplate flower charm. 7/8th inch.

$1.00 each




4851. Flower Charms.

Silvertone metal flower charms. 1/2 inch high which includes the loop.

5 charms for $1.00




4813. Flower Deco Charm.

Silvertone metal charm of a stylized flower. About 1/2 inch high.

5 charms for $1.00




4783. Dogwood Charm.

Pretty silver plated dogwood charms. 3/4th inch wide.

$1.35 per charm

sale $1.25 per charms




4763. Flower Connector Charm.

Silver metal connector charm. About 3/4th inch, including the two loops.

4 charms for $1.00




4757. Three Tiered Flower Charm.

Metal charm in an antique silver color finish. 1.125 inches high, including the loop.

$1.00 each




4557. Cherry Blossom Square Charm.

Pretty brass square with cherry blossoms. There is no hole or loop, just the opening from the border. 3/4th inch wide.

50 cents each

sale 4 charms for $1.00



4534. Little Flowers.

Here are some pretty little deco pieces. They do not have holes. They have a metal base and a painted glossy flower on the front. They are a mere 3/8th inch high.

$1.00 each

sale 75 cents each



4503. Cherry Blossom Charm.

Cute and detailed metal charm in an antique pewter finish. 3/4th inch long.

95 cents each

sale 75 cents each



4196. Asian Brass Flower.

Pretty Asian-style brass flower charm. 7/8th inch wide.

50 cents each

sale 3 for $1.00




4095. Assorted Shell Flowers.

Nice assortment of carved shell flowers. Large size range, from 3/8th inch-2.25 inches. Some have holes at the top, some in the middle, and some have none! You will get an assortment of colors with at least 3 white flowers per set.

These can also be sent in matching pairs, please make that request when you check out.

5 flowers for $1.00

sale 8 flowers for $1.00




3897. Bone Flower Pendant.

Carved bone flower (or snowflake?), 1.375 inches across.

$2.00 each

sale $1.00 each




3911. Star Flower.

Vintage brass flower charms, 9/16th inch wide.

6 charms for $1.00




3832. Rose.

Silver metal rose outline charm. 5/8th inch wide.

10 charms for $1.00

sale 20 charms for $1.00




2602. Brass Clover.

Brass four-leaf clovers, for all of those that need some extra luck. 5/8th inch high.

3 charms for $1.00




4186. Beaded Cherries.

Cute beaded cherries. They are on little cell phone lanyards, but you can remove that to make them charms. Cherry and stem is about 1.25 inches high.

75 cents each

sale 2 charms for $1.00




2946. Plastic Fruit.

Bright plastic fruit charms: apples, oranges, pears, grapes, lemons, cherries, bananas, plums, peaches, and leaves. The apples are about 1/2 inch wide.

20 assorted for $1.00




4675. Glass Sea Shell Charms.

Detailed sea shell charms made from glass. They are white with brown accents and have a loop at the top. The shell portion of the charm is about 3/4th by 5/8th inch.

$1.25 per charm

sale 75 cents per charm



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