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Charms page 7, skulls, human forms, and religious charms



4331. Shell Mermaids.

We think it's quite fitting to make a mermaid charm out of something that comes from the sea, no? A smidge over one inch high, carved from pretty, shiny shell.

$1.25 each

sale $1.00 each




4945. Mermaid Charms.

Antiqued brass colored metal mermaid charms. 7/8th inch high.

5 charms for $1.00




4371. Gold Cherub.

Cherub embellishment with an antique gold finish. 1.125 inches wide.

40 cents each




4414. Large Silver Cherub.

A larger metal cherub embellishment with an antique silver finish. 1.625 inches wide. Just look at that face! *pinches cheeks*

$1.00 each




4738. Plastic Skull Charms in Colors.

Small plastic skull charms in bright colors (plus black and white). These are 3/4th inch high. You will get all different colors.

8 charms for $1.00




4761. Shiny Skull Charm.

Day of the Dead style charm in a shiny silver metal. About 11/16th inch high, including the loop.

Only one set left.

4 charms for $1.00




2439. Skull and Bones.

Just in time for your morbidity, skull and crossbones charms. Brass, 3/4th inch high.

3 charms for $1.00




4235. Colors Plastic Skulls.

Nothing is scarier than a bright blue plastic skull charm! 1.125 inches high including the loop. You will get 4 different colors.

4 charms for $1.00




4032. Plastic Halloween Charms.

These new plastic charms have a vintage style. Witches are sold out. Choose from skeleton or devil. You can also get a mix. 2-2.625 inches high. You will get one of each color.

(Yes, the skeletons appear to be missing the lower half of their legs.)

2 charms for 50 cents

sale 6 charms for $1.00




4802. Buddha Head Charms.

Silver metal Buddha head charms. There is a face on both sides so they are double-sided. 5/8th inch high to the top of the loop.

4 charms for $1.00




3896. Buddha Necklace.

Imitation bone pendants on a silky cord. Ready to wear or remove the pendant for use in other projects. Pendant is 1.125 inches high.

75 cents each

sale 2 necklaces for $1.00




4469. Copper Pendants.

Hand hammered repousse pendants are made in Indonesia. Lightweight copper metal, the charm portion is 1.25 inches high. We currently have one ONE of each style shown. More styles are available by special order.

Mary, on left, is the only one available.

$12.00 each

sale $6.00 each




4852. Cross Charm.

Pretty brass colored metal cross charm with fleur de lis ends. 1 inch high which includes the loop.

$1.00 per charm




4427. Brass Crucifix.

Pewter crucifix with an antique brass finish. 1.5 inches high.

4 for $1.00

sale 5 charms for $1.00




4391. Sacred Heart Charm.

Silver metal Sacred Heart charm. 3/4th inch high, including the loop.

$1.00 each




4749. Gold Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart charm with a gold finish. These are 1.125 inches high.

$2.10 per charm




4861. Cross Book Locket.

Small cross book lockets in two metal colors. Choose from silver tone or brass tone. 5/8th inch high, including the loop.

50 cents each




4876. Religious Heart Charms.

Silver metal hearts with assorted Christian imagery on them. More available than shown, you will get an assortment. 7/16th inch high.

6 charms for $1.00



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