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Charms page 8, miscellaneous charm goodies



4998. Circles Charm.

Well, yeah. It has circles. What would you call it? All the names can't be winners. A smidge over 1/2 inch across, silvertone metal.

5 charms for $1.00




4965. Links.

Acrylic links in 4 colors. A smidge under 1 inch high. Choose from green, black, tortoise, or white.

8 links for $1.00




5128. Bells.

Cute little Asian bells in a muted gold color. 1/2 inch high. They have a ball inside the bell so they do make noise.

5 bells for $1.00 SOLD OUT




4984. Small Bells.

Lightweight metal faux bells (they don't make any noise). About 5/16th inch high.

10 bells for $1.00




4959. Metal Bells.

Vintage style copper colored metal bells with orange beads inside. About 5/8th inch high.

5 bells for $1.00




4096. Copper Bells.

Copper colored metal bells. These don't have clappers, but they make a nice little sound when they hit together. 7/16th inch high.

10 bells for $1.00




4951. Paisley Charms.

Acrylic paisley shaped charms in several colors. 1 inch high, you will get an assortment of colors (more than shown).

6 charms for $1.00




5131. Metal Infinity Links.

Gold tone metal infinity links. They do have a slight curve to them. 15/16th inch long.

6 links for $1.00




4936. Infinity Links.

Cream colored acrylic links in an infinity shape. 1 inch long.

6 links for $1.00




4935. Deco Charm.

Silverplate deco charm. 1.375 inches high.

Only one left!

$1.00 each




4866. Round AOUW Medal.

Vintage silver tone metal charms or pendants from a fraternal organization. They are large and impressive. The medal itself is about 1.125 inches across and they have a nice large loop at the top. Some may be tarnished or slightly worn.

$1.50 each




4867. Anchor AOUW Medal.

Vintage brass colored metal AOUW charm or medal. These are pretty cool! The charm itself is about 1.75 inches high, plus the loops. The top loop swivels which is neat! Some may have patina or be worn.

$2.00 each




4753. Happy Birthday Banner.

Cute silver metal charm. These would be a fun accent on a birthday card. About 1.25 inches long.

These are a bit tarnished so they are on sale!

$1.00 each

sale 75 cents each




4520. Scalloped Brass Pendant.

Pretty brass pendant with blue accents. It has a scalloped border. 1.375 inches wide.

$2.10 each




4895. Cream Filigree Charm.

Pretty filigree metal charms in a nice cream color. About 1.5 inches wide. Limited number available.

2 charms for $1.00




4799. Filigree Connector Charms.

Small antique brass colored metal connector charms. Only 5/8th inch long (that includes the two loops).

4 charms for $1.00




4736. Copper Metal Charm.

Copper colored metal charm. It has holes so you could add beads or something to it, although it is cool as is, also. Almost 1.5 inches high.

3 charms for $1.00




4315. House Charm.

Pretty cast house charms in an antique gold finish. They are double sided and 5/8th inch high.

$2.25 each

sale $1.50 each




3942. Good Luck Charms.

Set of 6 metal good luck charms. Clover, wishbone, horseshoe. Sizes range from 3/4-1.5 inches. Choose from silvertone or brass color.

$4.25 per set

sale $2.50




5104. Wishbone Charm.

Silver or gold tone metal charms. The hole is in the back at the top. 9/16th inch high.

8 charms for $1.00




3708. Wishbone.

Teeny-tiny wishbones from teeny-tiny chickens. Not really, these are made from brass. 5/8th inch high.

40 cents each

sale 3 charms for $1.00




4500. Porcelain Teardrop Charms.

Cute porcelain freeform charms, most are a teardrop shape. These have the look of vintage pottery shards but are new. Patterns and colors vary, as does the size, but most are about 1/2-5/8th inch high.

75 cents each

sale 2 charms for $1.00



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