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Decorative paper page 1, decorative papers



3406. Decorative Paper Packs.

20 sheets of miscellaneous decorative papers. Every pack is different and will vary from the one shown. You will get at least 2 sheets that are 8.5 by 11, including one nice spring green patterned Chinese sheet. Most of the papers in these packs are solid colors, but some prints are also included.

20 pieces for $3.00

sale 20 pieces for $2.50




4907. Black and Silver Paper.

Handmade Indian paper, heavier weight with a silver print. 8.5 by 11 inches.

80 cents per sheet




4760. Assorted Origami Papers.

Japanese origami papers have great colors and fun prints. You will get all different papers. If you have a color preference, let us know, otherwise you will get an assortment. These papers are all about 6 by 6 inches.

6 pieces for $1.00

sale 8 pieces for $1.00




4765. Pale Yellow Japanese Paper.

These 8.5 by 11 inch papers are a pale yellow (or dark ivory) with silver and gold flecks as well as white thread inclusions. A pretty and subtle background paper.

4 sheets for $1.80




4412. Flocked Paper.

8.5 by 11 inch handmade paper with a flocked (fuzzy) pattern in black.

85 cents per sheet

sale 2 sheets for 85 cents




4666. Mulberry Paper, Different Colors.

8.5 by 11 inch mulberry paper in 6 color choices.

50 cents per sheet




4340. Seersucker Striped Paper.

Cute seersucker striped paper in 3 colors. The green and blue have darker colored stripes, the yellow paper has embossed lines in solid color. 8.5 by 11 inches, you will get one sheet of each.

3 sheets for $2.45

sale 6 sheets for $2.00




4121. Foil Paper.

Small pieces of foil paper in 4 colors: red, black, blue and green. 3 by 3 inches. You will get two pieces of each color.

8 sheets for $1.00




3944. Asian Print Papers.

Bright red wrapping papers from Vietnam with Asian theme prints. Three styles, sheets are 25 by 21 inches and will be sent folded. You will get one of each style.

3 sheets for $3.00





3844. Milagro Paper.

Handmade paper from Nepal, printed with different milagro images. The sheets are 29 by 19 inches and will be sent folded.

Orange is the only color available.

$3.25 per sheet

sale $3.00 per sheet


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