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Ephemera page 3, a variety of vintage paper items


3062. Variety Pack.

25 pieces of vintage ephemera, newer pieces, and other little doo-dads for collage and whatnot. Each packet is different and will vary from the photo.





4740. Paper Letters and Numbers.

Vintage paper letters and numbers used to make store signs. You will get an assortment of red, blue, green, and black with sizes ranging from 3/4th-2 inches.

40 pieces for $1.00




4726. Antique Telegrams.

Antique typed telegram messages from the early 1900s. These are about 8 by 5.25 inches.

2 telegrams for $1.00




4729. Vintage Film Mounts.

Cute little cardboard mounts for storing film negatives. Front and back shown. 4 by 1.625 inches.

2 for $1.00




4531. Vintage Matchbook Covers.

Wide variety of vintage matchbook covers. We would guess that these are from the 1950s or earlier. You will get a variety, no special requests please. About 3.75-4 inches high and many will be a little worn.

6 covers for $1.00

sale 8 covers for $1.00




4376. Vintage Stunt Cards.

1960's cards feature photographs of "stunts", interesting twisty things to do with your body. Cards are 5 by 4.25 inches.

2 cards for $1.00

sale 3 cards for $1.00




3418. Typewritten Pages.

Vintage legal pages, hand typed with interesting text. Well, not that interesting. These deal with titles and histories of property. Might be boring, but sure to be well suited for art. Pages are 14 by 8.5 inches, and they will be sent folded.

2 pages for $1.00

sale 4 pages for $1.00




4525. Vintage Movie Star Cards.

Who doesn't like classic movie stars? These cards are mostly German and mostly from the 1930s and depict glamorous movie stars. Most are about 2-3 inches high.

You can choose from stars with dogs, stars without dogs, or a mix of both.

4 cards for $1.00




3778. Vintage Nature Trade Cards.

These vintage trade cards came in packets of tea. The come from different sets but all have nature-theme images such as birds, animals, plants, fish, etc. Cards measure 2.625 by 1.375 inches. You will get an assortment.

5 cards for $1.00

sale 8 cards for $1.00




4567. Vintage Assorted Trade Cards.

Wide variety of vintage German trade cards with all kinds of images, we would guess from about the 1930-60s. There are flags, people, animals, buildings, history, and more. You will get an assortment so no special requests, please. The size varies but most are about 2-3 inches high.

4 cards for $1.00

sale 5 cards for $1.00



2942. Slide Masks.

We have a wide variety of vintage paper slide masks. These were made to fold over a slide to protect it. They are all paper, some have a silver or gold finish, and they all have different shapes of openings. They all measure 3.875 by 2 inches unfolded. You will get a variety of styles.

6 different masks for $1.00

sale 8 masks for $1.00



005.  Old Photos.

Do you need an instant family? Here's a good place to start. These range from about 1910-60. All of these have people in them.

50 cents each




3298. Passenger Tally Ticket.

Vintage Detroit streetcar tickets, in a lovely shade of pink. 3 by 1.25 inches.

3 tickets for $1.00

sale 5 tickets for $1.00





4628. Assorted Vintage Tickets.

Assorted vintage bus or tram tickets from non-US countries (UK and Australia for sure). You will get an assortment of colors and sizes, which range from 1.125 to 2.5 inches high.

10 tickets for $1.00




3941. Workbasket Magazines.

These are fun craft magazines from the 50's and 60's. Each one is 8 inches high and between 31 and 63 pages. These include crochet, quilting, gardening, tatting, and more craft ideas. Also great ads and articles. Fun vintage stuff!

$1.50 per magazine

sale $1.00 each




4001. Kitchen Klatter Magazine.

1940-60s magazines full of stories of interest to the housewife. Recipes, crafts, family interest, etc. 10.75 inches high, 16 pages.

$1.50 per issue

sale $1.00 per issue




3367. Tacky Postcards.

Vintage postcards (most are unused) with a variety of tacky or slightly boring images on them. Wide variety of images, many more than shown. Most of these are buildings, nature, etc. Great for altering! Size varies, but most are 3.5 by 5.5 each.

4 postcards for $1.00

sale 6 postcards for $1.00




4483. Daily Manna Cards.

Small vintage cards feature a short Bible verse and prayer. 2.75 inches long.

5 cards for $1.00

sale 8 cards for $1.00




3390. Holy Cards.

Vintage holy cards feature Saints, Mary, Jesus, or some combination of the above. Collect them all! Swap with your friends! Images, size and age will vary from those shown.

50 cents each




3888. Bible Cards.

Antique religious lesson cards for children, these range in dates from 1897-1910, with the majority from the middle of the range. Lovely lithograph illustrations from Old and New Testament, with stories and questions on the back. 4 by 2.875 inches.

50 cents each



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