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Ephemera page 6, paper game cards and pieces



4676. Game of States and Cities.

1946 game cards. One side has the US map with one state highlighted, the flip side has questions about that state. Pale green color, 5 by 3 inches.

3 cards for $1.00




4647. Snap Cards.

Vintage card game called Snap, each card features animals doing, as usual, crazy thing. Just once we'd like to see a game where animals do normal animal things. Just once! 2.25 by 3.5 inches.

3 cards for $1.00




4114. Hearts Cards.

Vintage kid's game of Hearts with animals on the cards. 2.25 by 3.5 inches.

4 cards for $1.00




4330. Assorted Old Maid Cards.

Every Old Maid card game is different. We have several different vintage sets so you will get 4 different styles! Cards are all 3.5 inches high.

5 cards for $1.00





3688. Flinch Cards.

Nice number cards from a vintage game called Flinch. 3.5 by 2.25 inches.

8 cards for $1.00




3654. Quizmo Cards.

What sounds like more fun than "educational lotto"? Whee! 5.75 by 3.5 inch cards from a vintage learning game.

2 cards for $1.00




3852. Lotto Cards.

Game cards from a vintage game called Lotto. It is vaguely Bingo-esque with lovely numbers and green spaces. Each card is about 6.75 by 3.75 inches.

$1.00 each card




3608. Bingo Cards.

Assorted cards from Bingo games. More styles are available than shown, you will get an assortment. Most are about 5.75 inches high.

4 cards for $2.00

sale 6 cards for $2.00




4669. Dog Bingo Card.

Vintage bingo cards with a running greyhound at the top. These are made from a thick paper so they would be a sturdy base for collage. 5.375 by 7.25 inches.

Only one left.

$1.00 each




3933. Fair Play Tickets.

These little vintage tickets are somewhat of a mystery. We assume that they are some sort of vague gambling-type item. Each little piece opens up to reveal some numbers. Beyond that, it's your call. They are nice little collage elements, though, and come in several different colors and styles. They are 1.75 inches long before you break the seal and reveal the numbers.

5 tickets for $1.00

sale 10 tickets for $1.00



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