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Fabrics page 1, sari fabrics from India, Sari fabric by the yard or piece

On this page you will find different sari fabrics from India. Each piece is different, some are sold by the piece and some by the yard. Read each description for more info.

Please note, sari fabrics are USED. They may have stains, holes or tears.


Piece 1.

Dark olive colored silk piece, 32 by 33 inches.



Piece 2.

Bright green with woven medallions and printed borders. 12 by 44 inches.



Piece 3.

Large scale maroon and cream gingham with a few gold medallions. Rayon? Semi sheer fabric. 32 by 47 inches.



Piece 4.

Yellow and green print piece, it has some shredding but there are some good parts left. 24 by 43 inches.



Piece 5.

Nice silk piece with pretty red border and embroidered medallions. Blue/purple/green with a shimmery effect. 12 by 42 inches.



Piece 6.

This is a full sari. It has a very bright panel on both ends. One end has a larger panel than the other. The body is solid cream and it has thin colored stripes along the sides. Cotton. It has stains. It is 47 by 207 inches and weighs 9 ounces.



Piece 7.

Piece with a print of flowers and ladies. 42 by 36 inches. Small holes. Silk?



Piece 8.

3 smaller pieces with problems. 2 ounces.



Piece 9.

Silk with flowers, 11.5 by 44 inches.



Piece 10.



Piece 11.

Silk sari piece, black and yellow floral. 35 by 40 inches.




Piece 12.

Brown with darker brown and gold borders on each side. The lighter brown in the middle has a pink/red flash to the fabric. 43 inches wide and sold by the yard. Feels like rayon.

$3.50 per yard



Piece 13.

Black and green patterned silk, 12 by 42 inches.




Piece 14.

Small scale cream and dark red gingham with metallic gold dots. Silk. It has some tears. 30 by 46 inches.



Piece 15.

Green silk with gold borders on each side and some woven gold medallions. 44 inches wide and sold by the yard.

$6.00 per yard


Piece 16.

Pink silk sari with small-scale black checked pattern. It has a very pretty woven border on one side and small woven medallions. It is 43 inches wide and is sold by the yard.

$5.00 per yard


Piece 17.

Stripes and lots of gold. 14 by 36 inches.



Piece 18.

Purple silk piece with lots of gold. Wide borders on 3 sides and medallions in the center. There is a tear along the silk portion (bottom right in picture). Metallic parts are great on this one. 45 by 42 inches.



Piece 19.

Silk piece with great colors and pattern. 12 by 45 inches.




Piece 20.

Unusual print. Silvery grey-green background with green, yellow and red print. Skinny maroon borders. Rayon? 51 by 34 inches.



Piece 21.

Wild silk print. 39 by 44 inches.



Piece 22.

This is a pretty cotton sari. Green and black tiny stripes make up the body, with purple and metallic gold borders on each side. It is 44 inches wide and sold by the yard.

$3.50 per yard



Piece 23.

This one is hard to photograph because of the lines! It is a blue and white with various "stripes". It also has small woven gold medallions. This piece is 66 by 36 inches. Rayon? Unusual print.



Piece 24.

Small silk piece. It is an end piece and has an interesting open weave in two stripes. Nice piece for some fabric art. 44 by 12 inches.



Piece 25.

Green with a printed floral pattern. Silk? with portions that have a different sort of weave. The piece you are buying is 64 by 42 and does have some holes.



Piece 26.

Tan with a floral pattern and borders on each side. Silk. This one is fragile and will have holes or tears in every piece. 46 inches wide, sold by the yard.

$4.00 per yard


Piece 27.

Striped green piece with woven gold medallions. Poly? 24 by 34 inches.



Piece 28.

Dark turquoise rayon? with woven medallions over the whole piece. They threads on the medallions are worn and they main fabric has wear to it, as well. 38 inches wide and sold by the yard.

$4.00 per yard



Piece 29.

Red stripes and gingham with woven metallic gold. It's wrinkled! 29 by 24 inches. Rayon?



Piece 30.

Small piece with metallic border on each short end, paisley pattern. Silk. 11 by 42 inches.



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