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Fabrics page 3, fabric embellishments and
other miscellaneous fabric items




4609. Vintage Fabric Tape Measure.

Squee! Oh my, vintage tape measure, we are your biggest fan! We love your black and red numbers, and your sturdy yellow fabric. We loved you in .... well, everything you've ever measured! AH! *faints*

Vintage fabric tape measure is 9/16th inch wide, and the piece you will get is 12 inches long.

12 inches for 75 cents




3693. Velvet Leaves.

Embossed velvet leaves in 6 colors. These are sure to fulfill all of your velvet leaf needs. 1.25 inches high. Check list below, some are sold out.

25 cents each

sale 5 for $1.00




3163. Indian Appliques.

Pretty sari-style appliques imported from India. Each has metallic threads, beads or sequins. Refer to the numbers to the right of each item.

1). sold out
2). 1.125 inches wide. 75 cents
3). 1.25 inches wide. 75 cents
4). 3/4th inch. 60 cents
5). 3/4th inch. 60 cents
6). 3/4th inch. 60 cents

sale, get 2 for the price of 1



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