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Fabrics page 4, Recycled and Vintage Fabrics, etc.
Single pieces and packs

On this page you will find vintage fabrics and new fabrics. Read the descriptions for more information about each.

Fabric 1.

Vintage thinner polyester (not stretchy though) fabric, large scale Japanese style print in black and red. 47 inches wide and 3 yards, 11 inches long.

weight - 15 ounces


sale $14.00


Fabric 2.

Super cute vintage striped fabric. It is probably a cotton/synthetic blend of some sort. Or maybe cotton, it's hard to tell. 45 inches wide and 2.5 yards long.

weight - 9 ounces



Fabric 3.

Emerald green velveteen. 1 yard, 24 inches long by 36 inches wide. There are words printed on one end so you lose a few inches.

weight - 10.5 ounces



Fabric 4.

This looks like a 1950s fabric to me, sheer with a paisley print. It is "crisp" but I don't know what the fabric content is. It's wrinkled. There are a few little splashes of color that don't show in the photo. Two pieces - 36 by 10.5 inches. One uneven piece that is about 42 by 17 inches.



Fabric 5.

Silky vintage paisley print fabric, acetate? 44 inches wide and SIX yards, 23 inches long. Lots of fabric for a fun project!

weight - 1 pound, 8 ounces.


sale $16.00


Fabric 6.

Sheer cotton, vintage large scale plaid in pink, green and brown. This is an uneven piece left over from cutting out a pattern plus a few small pieces. 2 ounces.



Fabric 7.

Nice yellow satin woven with a flower pattern. This is a deconstructed long dress. There are 5 pieces. 3 are larger pieces.

weight - 10 ounces


sale $4.00


Fabric 8.

Lavender crinkle cotton with an all-over embroidery. 52 by 53 inches.


sale $2.00


Fabric 9.

Vintage sheer fabric in a cute pink print. Nylon? 38 inches wide and 2 yards long.



Fabric 10.

Bright red, this looks and feels like 100% wool but may be a blend. It is a nice quality fabric, not too heavy. 60 inches wide and 32 inches long. I see 2 thin spots so there may be more. I don't see any holes, though.

weight - 12 ounces



Fabric 11.

This is a part of a vintage Hawaiian dress. Poly blend? It's not silky. Maybe has some cotton in it. There is a ruffle along the top and a long piece with a seam that measures about 52 by 23+ inches. Very bright and cute fabric.



Fabric 12.

Interesting vintage polished cotton, white with an embossed floral pattern. 25.5 wide by 2 yards long.



Fabric 13.

Grey twill look with a slight sheen. Rayon blend? Not sure. 40 by 58 (width) inches. Medium weight, not lightweight.

weight - 8 ounces


sale $1.00


Fabric 14.

Vintage heavier weight cotton, Waverly fabric. The raw ends are hemmed so it could be used as a tablecloth or something, too. 48 by 59 inches. I see a couple of very faint spots.

weight - 1 pound



Fabric 15.

True black fabric, probably a poly. It's not silky like a lining fabric but could probably be used for that. Uneven piece, 3 yards long and 21 inches wide with 2 large-ish pieces perpendicular to the main part.

weight - 5 ounces.



Fabric 16.

Fancy fabric, mesh background with sequins and ribbon stitched on. It's 22 by 48 inches.

weight - 10 ounces



Fabric 17.

This one is a bit hard to describe. It's a pretty grey-blue, not a super tight weave but it's not sheer. It might be a rayon blend but it's not silky or thin. It has a nice drape but has the look of wool, but not itchy. I have no idea, guys. Let's just say it's a nice color and that's all we know. 61 by 42 inches.

weight - 13 ounces



Fabric 18.

These are interesting. They are a polished cotton with large amounts of machine-done embroidery (the lower black part that looks textured, that is solid embroidery). Parts have been cut out, so the pieces aren't even. These have a 1920's vibe to me, but I'm not sure how old they are. One piece is 25 inches long, one is 36 inches long.



Fabric 19.

This is a pretty amazing piece of handwoven Thai silk (marked on selvedge). Not sure how old it is but the pattern is pretty vintage! 38 wide by 3 yards long.



Fabric 20.

Loose woven floral, rayon? 58 by 56 inches.

Weight- 12 ounces


sale $2.00


Fabric 21.

This is a very cute vintage fabric panel. The image shown is repeated twice, one of top of the other. Heavier weight cotton. 24 by 50 inches.



Fabric 22.

Vintage floral print, cotton. 37 by 37 inches.


sale $4.00


Fabric 23.

Cute vintage cotton print fabric. 21.5 by 28 inches.



Fabric 24.

Cotton with a vintage style paisley pattern, not sure how old it is. 88 by 42 inches.

Weight - 11 ounces.


sale $4.00


Fabric 25.

Very pretty shiny Asian style fabric. Woven acetate taffeta, light and darker blue flower. This nice vintage fabric would make a pretty dress. 45 inches wide and 2.5 yards long.

weight - 12 ounces



Fabric 26.

8 smaller pieces of vintage fabric used to make ties. They are all unevenly shaped. 3 ounces.


sale $3.00


Fabric 27.

Black velveteen, 35 by 32 inches.



Fabric 28.

Classic 60s style floral print, heavier weight cotton fabric. 2 yards 25 inches long by 44 wide.

weight - 1 pound, 7 ounces.



Fabric 29.

XL short women's dress, 100% rayon batik, made in Indonesia. 3 different types of fabric to use for other projects.

weight - 12 ounces.



Fabric 30.

Dark turquoise knit fabric. Not sure if it is vintage or not. It is in a tube. If opened up it would be 72 by 53 inches.

Weight- 14 ounces.


sale $1.00


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