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Fabrics page 4, Recycled and Vintage Fabrics, etc.
Single pieces and packs

On this page you will find vintage fabrics and new fabrics. Read the descriptions for more information about each.

Fabric 1.

Plaid fabric, it feels like rayon to me. Heavyweight, 61 by 87 inches. This piece weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces!



Fabric 2.

This is an interesting vintage fabric. It doesn't photograph very well. It's a red rayon (?) that has a blue "hint" to it when moved. So it has an interesting shimmer to it. 2 yards 29 inches long and 43 inches wide. It's not perfect, it has some holes and a long tear along a fold line that extends about 2/3rds up the width. Still an interesting textile that could make something neat! 11 ounces.



Fabric 3.

Super cute vintage print cotton. Lightweight with a turquoise and navy floral print. 2 yards, 26 inches long and 36.5 inches wide and a bonus smaller piece. 6 ounces.


sale $7.00


Fabric 4.

Vintage rayon fabric, very soft and nice. 38 inches by 3 yards long.


sale $12.00


Fabric 5.



Fabric 6.

Cotton print fabric, not sure how old it is but it has a vintage style print. 45 by 1.5 yards.


sale $2.50


Fabric 7.

Several pieces of vintage seersucker fabric. A lot of the pieces have blue or pink over dye on them, not sure why, so most of this is cutter fabric. The print is so cute! It is pieces from a floor-length robe or dressing gown. 11 ounces of fabric.


sale $2.50


Fabric 8.

5 newer fabric samples, it is very nice fabric. Each about 17 by 17 inches. Weighs 15 ounces.


sale $2.50


Fabric 9.

Cute vintage cotton fabric, printed to look like quilt squares. There is a LOT of this fabric, which is an unusual find for vintage fabric. It could be a cute quilt backing or make an instant quilt without all the piecing! It is pieced together long ways down the middle. Measures 4 yards, 28 inches long and 69 inches wide. It weighs 2 pounds.



Fabric 10.

Mod pink cotton print, vintage, 30 by 32 inches.



Fabric 11.

Super cute vintage cotton stripes. 34 inches wide, 79 inches long.



Fabric 12.

Difficult to photograph, but this is an older vintage damask fabric with a woven fern and rose pattern in the center and a border of flowers and bows on both sides. Off white cotton with a slight sheen. 70 by 73 inches. It has some foxing here and there but is in good shape overall. Weighs over a pound.



Fabric 13.

Vintage baby blue satin with small scale floral print. Acetate? 3 yards, 10 inches long and 40 inches wide. Quite wrinkled. It would make a lovely dress.



Fabric 14.

Vintage plaid fabric, I think it is rayon? Shiny with a nice drape. This is sewn into the lining for something like a cape so it has several seams. About 40 inches high and 106 inches across the bottom. Also two smaller pieces. It weighs 8 ounces.


sale $1.50


Fabric 15.

Deep purple (much darker than it looks here) velveteen fabric. 44 by 44 inches. Cotton? Weighs 12 ounces.



Fabric 16.

Green on green cotton print fabric, newer. 23 by 42 inches.



Fabric 17.

Larger size woman's shirt, nice lime green silk with a white pattern. Lots of fabric for projects.


sale $1.50


Fabric 18.

Soft plaid fabric, rayon? 57 by 12 inches + (uneven width).



Fabric 19.

Excellent vintage 40's rayon fabric. 19 by 30 inches ++.



Fabric 20.

Loose woven floral, rayon? 58 by 56 inches. It weighs 12 ounces.



Fabric 21.

Thin, silky fabric. It is a neat two tone brown/green. Might be a lining fabric. Poly? 85 by 55 inches.


sale $2.50


Fabric 22.



Fabric 23.

100% silk shirt, recycle for the fabric.



Fabric 24.

Vintage heavier weight cotton with an Asian style print. It is very soft and has a barkcloth look to it. Muted tones with flowers, buildings and people. It is faded and has some worn spots but still very nice. 36 by 68 inches. Edges are finished. Weighs 12 ounces.


sale $7.50


Fabric 25.

Vintage acetate taffeta type fabric, gold/black. 39 by 44 inches. It is wrinkled.



Fabric 26.

Newer black sheer rayon with a feather print. 36 by 59 inches.



Fabric 27.

Cute vintage pink print fabric, flowers and pinecones. I think that it is rayon. 2 yards long, 40 inches wide. It has some brown marks (did not try to wash) and it is wrinkled. Weighs 12 ounces.


sale $5.00


Fabric 28.

Two pieces of vintage white fabric, they each have a seersucker-type pattern. Both are all white. One is 36 by 27 inches. Other is 2 yards 25 inches by 35 inches. Both have small areas of yellowing but I did not try to wash them. They weigh 9 ounces.


sale $1.00


Fabric 29.

Pale blue, vintage rayon piece. Very soft and nice vintage fabric. 83 by 38 inches.



Fabric 30.

Dark turquoise knit fabric. Not sure if it is vintage or not. It is in a tube. If opened up it would be 72 by 53 inches. Weighs 14 ounces.


sale $3.00


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