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Fibers page 2, non-ribbon trims and things


4898. Silk Thread.

10 yard cards of silk thread (a bit under 1mm thick). Choose from gold or burgundy.

Gold sold out.

$1.50 per card




4883. Silk Cord.

Two yards of pretty silk cord for jewelry or art quilting. 1 yard each of lime and aqua. Cord is about 2mm wide.





4880. Hemp Cord.

Hemp cord in 7 colors. Each little bundle is 10 yards. Choose from natural, green, purple, turquoise, navy, yellow, or red.

50 cents each




4788. Pleated Trims.

Vintage fabric trim with pleats. Choose from two colors:

-Pale dusty rose, 1.875 inches wide.
-Cream, 1.25 inches wide.

$1.00 per yard




4787. Butterfly Trim.

Vintage skinny white trim with little butterflies. 3/8th inch wide.

2 yards for $1.00




4786. Vintage Lace Trim.

Vintage lace trim, 2.25 inches wide.

75 cents per yard




4728. Vine Trim.

Cute polyester trim that looks like a trailing vine. About 5/8th inch wide.

$1.10 per yard




4723. Sheer Trim.

Sheer fabric trim with embroidered dots and border. 1.5 inches wide.

60 cents per yard




4538. Striped Twine.

This twine is so cute, we just want to wrap it around everything! It is a very thin poly/cotton blend twine in your choice of 6 colors.

If you order more than one color, they will be sent measured and wrapped together.

20 yards for $1.00




4270. Cotton Tape.

This is neat vintage cotton tape. Cream with a red pattern. 5/8th inch wide.

50 cents per yard



4646. Twill Tape.

Simple vintage cotton twill tape in two widths. Choose from 5/8th inch wide or 1 inch wide. This is not new so it does have some discolored areas here and there.

50 cents per yard




2637. Jute Fiber.

Natural jute fiber twine, 1/32 of an inch in width. This stuff has a nice rustic look but could still be dressed up. The colors are terra cotta, natural, forest, and royal blue. You will get 6 yards of each.

12 yards for $1.50

sale 24 yards for $1.00




4142. Vintage Shoelaces.

New, old stock vintage shoelaces made in Japan. Brown cotton, 24 inches.

50 cents per pair

sale 4 pairs for $1.00



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