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Fibers page 4, ribbon trims

2193. Ribbon Galore.

For some reason we have amassed a giant plastic tub full of new ribbon. It is slightly ridiculous; we would be embarrassed to let anyone see it. So, with that in mind, please buy some. If you need a certain color, let us know, otherwise we will send an assortment.

These are largely satins, sheers, metallic, woven, wired, etc. None of that yucky papery ribbon. You get all different types, one yard of each.

5 yards for $1.00

sale 8 yards for $1.00




4689. Chevron Ribbon.

Twill ribbon with a chevron stripe pattern. Choose from turquoise, green, tan, or red. 3/4th inch wide, 100% polyester.

80 cents per yard





4599. Metallic Gold Trim.

Fuchsia or orange colored trim with a gold woven pattern. 5/8th inch wide.

Fuchsia sold out.

60 cents per yard




4571. Paisley Trim.

Gold and red woven trim with a flower and paisley pattern. A smidge under 7/8th inch wide.

70 cents per yard

sale 60 cents per yard




4560. Vine Trim.

Simple woven trim, green vine trim on a white background. 7/16th inch wide

50 cents per yard SOLD OUT




4555. Ladybug Trim.

Cute woven trim featuring our beloved ladybugs. 9/16th inch wide.

55 cents per yard




4553. Apple Trim.

Super cute trim, cream background with apples. 1/2 inch wide poly trim.

75 cents per yard




4549. Blue Diamond Trim.

New woven poly trim, black background with a blue and grey pattern. 5/8th inch wide.

75 cents per yard




4070. Bird Trim.

Chicken? Peacock? Either way, you can get it in one of two colors, green or wine. 1.5 inches wide.

Oops sorry, wine is sold out.

Only one yard left of green.

$1.20 per yard




4056. Circle Trim.

Circle pattern woven trim in 2 color choices. 9/16th inch wide.

Green sold out.

75 cents per yard




4051. Sunrise Ribbon.

Sort of looks like a sunrise, right? Okay, I'll think of something better. In the meantime, here is a nice vintage style ribbon in two colors. 3/4th inch wide.

Mustard (top) is available, other is sold. Only one yard left.

80 cents per yard




4023. Floral Trim.

Vintage style floral trim on a black background. 5/8th inch wide.

75 cents per yard




3410. Polka Dotted Ribbon.

Cute polka dot ribbon in 2 color tones. This is a heavyweight, high-quality woven ribbon. Both ribbons have brown backgrounds and white dots. In addition, one has blue and green dots, the other has 2 shades of pink. 7/8th inch wide.

Pink sold out.

75 cents per yard

sale 40 cents per yard




3875. Cowboy Ribbon Trim.

This is a stiff ribbon-like trim printed with vintage-style cowboy hats and boots. Purple ribbon, white and blue print. 1.375 inches wide.

3 yards for $1.00

sale 6 yards for $1.00




4083. Vintage Rayon Seam Binding.

Vintage seam binding is the best. It has a soft feel, great drape, and a nice sheen. We have all kinds of colors, let us know if you have a preference, otherwise we will send an assortment. Most pieces will need to be ironed. You will get all different colors, each at least 1 yard long.

3+ yards for $1.00

sale 4+ yards for $1.00




1655. New Rayon Seam Binding.

New seam binding with old-fashioned charm. Made from rayon just like the vintage stuff. 9/16th inch wide.

All sold out but red.

40 cents per yard

sale 5 yards for $1.00



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