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Everyone Loves a Free Gift!

Choose a free gift
on any order over $25.00!

Choose one of the free gifts below by adding it to your cart!

Not-So-Fine Print:
-Order must equal $25.00 or more (before shipping or tax)

-One free gift per order of $25 or more.

-Weight of free gift will apply towards shipping costs.
-No monetary value, no returns, no exchanges.
-You must add the gift you want to your cart -- we want to send one you will enjoy!


Free 1- One of a Kind Item.

New package of sign stickers.

Free on orders over $25



Free 2- One of a Kind Item.

4 ceramic pieces. The cab on the bottom pieces fits into a little divot but it needs to be reglued.

Free on orders over $25



Free 3- One of a Kind Item.





Free 4- One of a Kind Item.

Small vintage fan, it needs to be mended.

Free on orders over $25




Free 5- One of a Kind Item.

Lot of vintage helmet pins.

Free on orders over $25




Free 6- One of a Kind Item.

Unused stamp.

Free on orders over $25


Items above might be "sold out"- I'll contact you for a replacement if they are. Or add an item from below as a substitute just in case.  


Ephemera Variety Pack.

10 pieces of vintage ephemera, newer pieces, and other little doo-dads for collage and whatnot. Each packet is different and will vary from the photo.

Free on orders over $25




Decorative Paper Packs.

10 sheets of miscellaneous decorative papers. There are all kinds of papers in these packs, but most are solid colors. Each packet is different and will vary from the photo.

Free on orders over $25



Sampler Book Pages Pack.

Receive 15 different pages from a wide variety of vintage books. Each packet is different and will vary from the photo.

Free on orders over $25



Decorated Joss Papers.

Three different sizes, they all look like the picture on the left. 4.5 by 5.25, 4.875 by 5.625, and 5.5 by 6.125 inches. All have gold leaf, plus orange and red printed patterns. You will get two of each size, 6 pieces total.

Free on orders over $25




Stone Chip Beads.

32-34 inch strands of stone chip beads. Choose a stone or color of stone from the list below!

free on orders over $25



Ladybug Beads.

Czech glass ladybug beads, bright red with black. 9/16th inch high.

5 free beads on orders over $25




Two-Fold Fasteners.

Metal fasteners like the vintage office supply product but in fun colors! You may get white or baby blue. Set of 6.

free on orders over $25




Single Rolls of Rainbow Tape.

1/8th inch width. 25 feet per roll. Color of free roll will be our choice, possible colors are shown.

One roll free on orders over $25




Boring Buttons.

Get a 2 by 3 inch bag of boring buttons. Mostly plastic, a lot of white ones, and all boring!

free with order over $25.00





Miscellaneous keys. You will get a 2 by 2 inch bag of smaller sized keys.

free with order over $25.00



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