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Give the gift of fun art supplies from Manto Fev!

Simply enter the dollar amount you would like in the quantity box. For example, if you would like a $25.00 gift certificate, enter 25 and hit the add to cart button.

If you would like more than one, please enter each one separately.

I will email you after I receive your order to get the information I need for the certificate. Please be prepared to give me the recipient's email address, as I will need it to create the gift certificate code.

At this time we can work out how you want to notify the recipient. I can send you a paper certificate, or I can email them letting them know they have a gift from you.

If this is the only thing you buy, the cart will add shipping costs on, but those will be adjusted as necessary after you place the order.

Please email me with any questions!

Gift certificate in $1.00 increments- enter the amount you would like in the quantity box below




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