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Miscellaneous embellishments page 3, stuff made from glass


5112. Crystal Rings.

These are pretty cool! Large crystal rings have a hole at the top. They have a cut pattern for added sparkle. 2 inches across.

$3.00 each




4644. Vintage Eyeglass Lens.

Variety of different vintage eyeglass test lens. Some of these may even be antique. They are a bit dusty but some have original paper labels on them so we did not want to rinse them all. Sizes vary and most are oval shaped, about 1.5-1.75 inches wide.

$1.00 each

sale 75 cents each




4486. Slide Glass.

Small, precut pieces of glass, great for pendants and other crafts. About 3 by 1 inches.

4 pieces for $1.00

sale 5 pieces for $1.00




4442. Small Glass Lens.

Small glass lens, about 1/2 inch. Most have small chips.

3 lens for $1.00

sale 6 lens for $1.00




4233. Glass Shapes.

Fun shapes of glass chandelier-type pieces. The following are available:

-heart, one hole at top, 5/8th inch wide
-rosette, one hole in the middle, 7/8th inch wide
-star, one hole at the top, 1/2 inch wide
-octagon, holes at top and bottom, 3/4th inch wide
-square, holes at top and bottom, 9/16th inch wide

4 pieces for $1.00




4127. Square Glass Pieces.

Beveled glass squares in three sizes. Great for jewelry or ornaments. Two sizes are available:

1.5 inches, 65 cents each

2 inches, 75 cents each




3931. Vintage Watch Part Vials.

Cute. Small. Glass. Cork. Watch Parts. CUTE. Vintage glass vials were made to keep tiny watch parts organized. All have cork stoppers. Sizes vary from about 1.25-1.75 inches.

75 cents each




4659. Vintage Bottles.

Unused vintage glass bottles. Almost 3 inches high.

$2.00 per bottle

sale $1.50 per bottle




4521. Vintage Perfume Bottles.

These cute little perfume bottles were never used! So sad! You better give them a purpose in life! 1.75 inches high, plastic lid.

$1.50 each

sale $1.00 each




4918. Brown Glass Bottles.

Cute little glass bottles made with amber/brown glass. They are about 7/8th inch high before the cork is included.

3 bottles for $1.00




5044. Fancy Bottles.

Small glass bottles with a fancy shape. 7/8th inch high without the small cork.

2 bottles for $1.00





3009. Small Glass Bottles.

Bottles, bottles everywhere. Or somewhere. Oh, look. Here they are. Measurements given below are approximate and are just of the glass portion. Skinny (middle) is sold out

-large, 1.5 inches high, 60 cents each

-medium, 1.125 inches high, 50 cents each




4101. Bulk Bottles.

Small glass bottles with no corks. 1.25 inches high.

5 bottles for $1.00

sale 6 bottles for $1.00



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