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Miscellaneous embellishments page 4, watch parts, real and faux


4606. Tiny Watch Parts.

All hail the return of tiny watch parts! Yay! Now, when we say TINY, we really mean it. The largest gears (like the one at the top) are under 1/2 inch. So the majority of these pieces are itty-bitty! You will get a bag of parts that weighs 0.2 ounces, which is the amount shown in the photo. Just to be clear ... SMALL! TINY! and WEE!

$6.00 per bag of 0.2 ounces




4174. Watch Rings.

These rings are what gives you the date or day of the week on a watch. Sizes range from about 5/8-1 inch and they are metal or plastic. You will get a variety.

3 rings for $1.00




4069. Watch Springs.

Vintage watch mainsprings in their original packages. Sizes of springs and packages will vary. Packages are about 2.75 inches high.

$1.00 each

sale 3 for $1.00




3663. Small Watch Crystals.

These are vintage watch crystals from women's watches. The majority of these are small, about 1/2-3/4th inch high or wide. Some of these are glass, but most are plastic. You will get a variety. No special requests, please.

10 crystals for $1.00

sale 20 for $1.00




3777. Large Watch Crystals.

Neat vintage watch crystals in a larger size. Some of these are a bit dusty, have a label attached, or have some print residue on them. Sizes and shapes vary, most are about 3/4th-1 inch high. You will get an assortment which may include colors. No special requests, please.

5 crystals for $1.00

sale 10 for $1.00




2719. Watch Hands.

Watch hands are small. But here's 20 of them, so that adds up to something. Each about 5/8th inch long. Color and shapes of hands will vary from those show. These come packaged in a small glass bottle, 7/8th inch high.

20 for $2.25




3045. Vintage Watch Backs.

These are the backs off of vintage ladies watches. They are all made from a silver-colored metal. We thought they would make a great frame for a small image, or solder a loop to the top to make a pendant. Size varies in the 3/4th to 1 inch high range.

3 for $1.00

sale 6 for $1.00





4383. Silver Gears.

Silver plated FAUX gears in three styles. 1 inch wide. You get one of each style.

3 pieces for $3.15

sale $2.50 for 3 pieces




Special Vintage Watch Parts
Check out the images below for special vintage watch parts.

Only ONE of each item is available!

Watch 1.

Vintage porcelain dial.


sale $5.00


Watch 2.

Old porcelain dial. Some of the printing is worn.



Watch 3.

Unusual old porcelain second dial.



Watch 4.

Nice older watch dial.



Watch 5.

Vintage watch dial, still wrapped in plastic.



Watch 6.

Old pocket watch dial, small chip.



Watch 7.

4 dials.



Watch 8.

Vintage dial for a stop watch, maybe?



Watch 9.

Nice dial.



Watch 10.

6 vintage dials with worn faces.



Watch 11.

Lot of gears.



Watch 12.

Vintage case and crystal (cracked). No back.


sale $1.00


Watch 13.

4 decorated parts.



Watch 14.

Vintage stretchy watch band. 4.5 inches, stretches up to 8. Gold filled.



Watch 15.

New watch hand assortment.



Watch 16.

Lot of assorted tiny parts.



Watch 17.

Men's case with dial, movements and purple crystal. Worn.



Watch 18.

Lot of 3 movements.



Watch 19.

Lot of watch part movements.



Watch 20.

Vintage lady's watch - includes case, crystal, band. I don't know if it is complete inside the case. Band is broken at a link although it looks complete otherwise.



Watch 21.

Metal watch dial.



Watch 22.

2 watch cases, one has a crystal and one does not. One has a back, one does not.



Watch 23.

Part of a dainty lady's watch band.



Watch 24.

Vintage watch case, dial, crystal. I don't know if it is complete inside.



Watch 25.

Lot of assorted tiny parts.



Watch 26.

Lot of small gears.



Watch 27.

Lot of larger clock gears.



Watch 28.

Lot of tiny gears.



Watch 29.

Lot of 4 parts.



Watch 30.

Lot of 3 watch springs.



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