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Misc Embellishments page 5, random stuff that defies categorization


5144. Mah Jong Counters.

These are carved from bone with a variety of red or black dots on the ends. We think they are vintage. Sizes range from about 2 to 3 inches.

$1.00 each




5030. Message Capsules.

Small plastic capsules hold a tiny scroll to deliver a message of your choice. Assorted colors. A smidge over 3/4th inch long.

4 capsules for $1.00




4868. Rub On Letters.

Vintage sheets of rub on letters. They are probably from the 1970-80s but are like new. Sheets are about 8 by 11 inches and they include numbers and punctuation as well. We have a wide variety of fonts and sizes. If you would like to request a font size, you can specify smallest or largest available or medium size. But no requests on fonts, please.

$2.00 per sheet




4879. Cute Rub Ons.

Colorful rub on embellishments in 3 styles. Sheets are 2.875 by 5.375. Choose from (L-R): cute, love, or letters.

$1.00 per package




4850. Large Leaf Skeletons.

Large green leaf skeletons, about 8-9 inches high.

5 leaves for $1.00




4178. Name Stamps.

These are so neat! Vintage hand-carved Japanese name stamps. They are plastic or wood, about 2.25 inches long, with the stamp portion being about 3/8th inch high. They are all different so no requests, please!

$1.00 each




4615. Peacock Eye Feathers.

Longer peacock feathers with the eyes included. These are about 14-15 inches high and you will get two per package.

$1.50 per package

sale $1.00 per package




4135. OPA Red Point Tokens.

Office of Price Administration tokens, these were issued for rationing purposes between 1942-45. 5/8th inch wide.

50 cents each

sale 3 for $1.00




3999. Model Trees.

Cute little model trees for all kinds of assemblage work. These are about 3 inches high.

75 cents each

sale 2 for 75 cents




2591. Bindi Assortment Packs.

Direct from India, these are fun bindis in assorted colors, styles, and shapes. You get a packet of 8 different bindis. There are more than 100 different styles, those shown are just an example. No special requests, please. Sizes range from 1/4th to 1/2 inch. They come with a plastic backing so they will stay sticky until you are ready to use them!

8 for $1.00



567. Bindis in Tins.

Made in India, these bindis come packaged in tiny metal tins. Double score! Vary as shown in the photo, some have several per package and some have only 1 (albeit a fancy one). Tins are 1.25 across.

$1.25 per tin

sale 75 cents per tin




3863. Resistors.

A nice vintage electrical-related item. 3.5 inches high with metal ends and a plastic center decorated with colored bands. Shrug. I've given up. Just use them in art and we'll all be happy.

10 resistors for $1.00




4626. Capacitors.

Another vintage electric type item. Metal legs and orange-brown tops. These range in size from about 1-1.75 inches high. You will get an assortment of sizes.

10 pieces for $1.00



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