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Miscellaneous embellishments page 7, wood embellishments


4900. Wooden Ladybugs.

Cute little painted ladybugs with a sticky back. 9/16th inch high.

10 bugs for $1.00




4827. Wooden Rings.

Wooden rings in assorted colors and sizes. 3/4th-1.25 inches across. You will get an assortment of colors and sizes.

10 rings for $1.50




4714. Wooden Locks and Hinges.

Set of 4 wooden embellishments. You get two hinges and 2 locks. Hinges are 2.625 inches long.

$4.45 per set as shown




4711. Wooden Bookplates.

Set of 3 wooden bookplates, your choice of two shapes. Oval are 2.5 inches long and rectangle are 3 inches long.

$3.50 per package of 3





4678. Indian Woodblock Stamps.

Handcarved wood stamps from India! These are new, artisan carved stamps with traditional Indian patterns. The sizes vary, most are around 1.25 inch to 2.25 inches across on the top. We have more styles than shown!

Because they are handcarved, you cannot expect that they will produce a super crisp image, which just adds to their folksy charm!

$3.25 per stamp




4583. Lotto Game Markers.

These are the wooden markers that are used in the old game Lotto. They are wood with red numbers. These are pretty old but they look like they were never used. 5/8th inch.

3 markers for $1.00

sale 6 markers for $1.00




4663. Vintage Bingo Tiles.

You know them, you love them! Vintage wooden bingo tiles. 5/8th inch wide.

5 tiles for $1.00




3385. New Bingo Tiles.

New wooden bingo tiles have the look of vintage. Natural colored wood with red borders and numbers. Each tile is 5/8th inch wide.

10 tiles for $1.00




4518. Dominos with Colored Dots.

Nice vintage wooden dominos have unusual colored dots. Nice filigree pattern on the flip side. 7/8 by 1.625 inches.

75 cents each

sale 2 for 75 cents




4417. Letter Dice.

Wooden dice from a Scrabble game. Almost 5/8th inch.

2 pieces for $1.00

sale 3 for $1.00





4256. Wooden Letter Tiles.

Black and cream wooden tiles from a super exciting "educational" game. There is a fleur de lis on the back of each. Vintage, 7/8th inch square.

50 cents each




3151. New Mah Jong Tiles.

New mah jong tiles that are made of lightweight wood. Printed images on the top. 1.125 by .75 inches.

4 tiles for $1.00

sale 6 tiles for $1.00




3720. Russian Doll Key Chains.

Traditional Russian dolls have been made into key chains. These are quite lovely and very detailed. Check the list below for what colors are available. Dolls range from 1.625-1.75 inches high. Imported from Russia!

Blue sold out, red is available.

$3.50 each

sale $3.00 each



2345. Travel Wood Charms.

Unique wood tags and charms with a love theme. 4.75 by 5.75 inches.


sale 50 cents



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