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New paper items page 1, new ephemera-type items, some packaged


4950. Luggage Label Stickers.

New reproduction stickers of vintage luggage labels. All sorts of fun designs! You will get an assortment. 2-4 inches high.

10 stickers for $2.00




4908. Kraft Tags.

Simple kraft paper tags for all your tagging needs. Almost 2 inches high.

10 tags for $1.00




4894. Dainty Die Cuts.

Laser cut paper in three intricate styles. These have a wide variety of uses for scrapbooking or other paper crafts! Choose from:

-spiderweb sold out
-flowers (pink)
-fence and flowers (pearl white)

Each piece is about 8.5 inches long.

$3.50 each
sale $2.00 each




4847. Cute Labels.

Sheets of cute sticky labels in two styles. 4.1875 by 5.75 inches. You get 2 of each sheet, 4 total pieces.

4 sheets for $1.00




4837. Die Cut Borders.

12 by 12 inch sheets have 14 die cut border strips in different prints. The theme is "Curtain Call" with music notes, actors, Paris stamps, film strips, etc. These sheets are double sided; there are different images on each side. You will get TWO sheets so you can use both sides!

2 sheets for $1.50




4719. Paper Doilies.

Assortment of new and vintage paper doilies. Most are white but sometimes we find colored or metallic doilies. These range from placemat size down to a few inches. Some of the larger ones may be sent folded.

4 different doilies for $1.00




4633. Coin Envelopes.

Simple kraft envelopes. 3.5 by 2.25 inches.

15 envelopes for $1.00




2289. Gold Words.

Similar to German gold foils, these are script words made from embossed gold paper. They can add a nice touch to collages or scrapbook pages, and come in several word choices, see list below. Length varies, ranges between 3.25 and 6.5 inches, and about 1.75 inches high.

40 cents each

sale 4 for $1.00



2848. Tickets.

We like to make little piles of these tickets and pretend we have a lot of events to go to. That's sad, isn't it. Sigh.

5 different styles as shown, you get some of each style. Single tickets are 2 by 1 inches.

50 tickets for $1.00

sale 100 tickets for $1.00



1527. Coin Holders.

Technically, these are made for holding coins for easy viewing. Fold them in half and staple or glue closed. But, hey, you're an artist, you can think of something better than boring old coins to put inside of them, no? 2 by 2 folded. Larger opening is 1.25 across, smaller is 3/4th. You get 5 of each.

10 holders for $1.00



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