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New Products!

Hey, here are some sales! Check out the following categories for sale items:

Vintage Buttons (page 3 and page 4 in buttons section)
Washi Tape
Vintage Fabrics
Vintage Trims



The links below will bring you right to the newest products
posted to the site.

-Italian language book pages:

-octopus charms:

-heart and eye charms:

-swirl circle beads:

-cupid scrap sheet:

-green stickers pack:

-tiny tassels:

-Thai book pages:

-metal rings:

-small bird embellishments:

-2 new colors of star pages:

-neat crystal rings:

-Mexican artists playing cards:

-Russian history book pages:

-larger size matchbox labels:

-bookmark forms for embellishing:

-wishbone charms in two colors:

-felt cherries:

-oval flower beads:

-vintage Greek book pages:

-neat vintage trim:

-tiny hearts:

-fun clear stickers:

-arm charms:

-nursery rhymes scrap sheet:

-tiny hand beads:

-tiny metal bows:

-glass charms:

-small fence pieces:

-heart and flower charms:

-dots hand charm:

-leopard cat beads:

-mermaid tail cabs:

-labels and more stickers:

-Our Lady of Guadalupe beads:

-bird connector charms:

-new shapes of clear glass cabs:

-white flower charm:

-butterfly stickers:

-eye charms:

-vintage lace:

-tiny key charms:

-travel stickers:

-heart charms:

-metal rings:

-shell buttons in 5 shapes:

-pocket watch charm:

-vintage style stickers in tin:

-swallow bird charms in 2 colors:

-kitten scrap sheet:

-photo clips in fun colors:

-flourish stickers:

-music scrap sheet:

-botanical stickers:

-flower charms:

-lace stickers:

-vintage stock transfers stamps:

-antique spelling book pages:

-vintage perfume vials that DO SMELL:

-vintage flower cards:

-strawberry charms:

-stamp style stickers:

-tricolor frames:

-vintage style new hankies:

A bunch of new trims/ribbons!

-red trim:






-silver and white:




-Greek key in two colors:



-bee charms:

-small fancy bottles:

-wooden frame charms:

-word list pages:

-butterfly charms:

-tiny "handmade" labels:

-vintage phrase book pages:

-Buddha head beads:

-journal date stickers:

-cat scrap sheet:

-vintage game pieces:

-fox charms:

-vintage rent receipts:

-rabbit charms:

-owl cards:

-secret message capsules:

-fan playing cards:

-bear charms:

-metal clip pins:

-circus theme scrap sheet:

-brass leaf charms:

-enamel flower charms:

-bright buttons with pointy edge:

-vintage veggie seed packets:

-vintage cigar box labels:

-dressed up girls scrap sheet:

-wooden word cubes:

-crossword cards:

-key ring charms:

-3 new postage stamp packets:

  • birds
  • art
  • cats

-acorn charms:

-bronze bird beads:

-vintage daily ledger pages:

-vintage trim #20, pillow trim:

-colorful bird charms:

-baby animal scrap sheet:

-whimsical bird cards:


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