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New Products!

The links below will bring you right to the newest products
posted to the site.

Sale on some vintage watch dials and parts!  

-silverplate lizard charms:

-flower charms:

-deco charms:

-infinity links:

-grey metal squares:


-frosted plastic bow beads:

-bright coral beads:

-silver flower charms:

-bright yellow faux coral:

-hand charms with cuffs:

-silver bird charms:

-cream heart charms:

-origami crane beads:

-flower beads:

-bird buttons:

-bird charms:

-palm reading hand charm:

-Bai To Tom cards:

-wooden butterfly buttons:

-wooden anchor charms:

-hand charm #4227 now available in copper:


-brown glass bottles:

-grid page journals:


-colorful enamel heart embellishments:

-very fancy lady cards:

-pretty vintage glass buttons:

-metal heart beads:

-Indian style dancing bells:

-bird on branch charm:

-anchor charms:

-kraft paper tags:

-lotus charms:

-bat charms:


-handmade Indian paper:



-small and cute owl beads:

-loteria cards:

-magnesite bead strands:


-cute little wooden ladybugs:


-green coral bead strands:


-silk thread in two colors:


-paper banner garlands:



-MOP flower beads:


-dainty paper die cuts in 3 styles:


-cream filigree charms:

-heart with spinner charm:

-cute wooden birdcage charms:

-small glass cabs:


-heart lockets:


-vintage sew-on cabs:

-notebook page charms:


-vintage ice cream labels:


-copper bows:


-arrow charms:


-silk cord in two-color packs:

-hemp cord in 7 colors:

-metal arm charms:

-pig sticky notes:

-cute rub ons in three styles:

-religious heart charms:

-red plastic snowflakes:

-cute round stickers sets:



-shell cabs:


-colorful matryoshka doll charms:


-ceramic leaf charms:



-vintage rub on letter sheets:


-mother of pearl bow:


-vintage fraternal organization charms, round ...

.... and anchor shape:

-tiny flame heart charm:

-fill in sticker sheets:


-brass bow charms:

-silly deco tapes:


-antique magazine pages:


-cross book locket charm:


-super skinny metallic tape:

-vintage style "rhinestone" beads:


-nesting doll charms:

-Little Red Riding Hood sticky notes:

-dancing skeleton charms:

-vintage oval rhinestones:


-brass colored cross charm:


-cute paper sticky notes:


-large green leaf skeletons:

-flower charms:


-tan label stickers:



-cute label sheets:


-pretty circle beads:


-tiny pink star cabs:


-large hand charms:


-cute deer charms:


-small vintage mirror-like cabs:


-silver metal wing charms:


-coral bead strands:


-chemistry label stickers:


-plastic leaf charms:

-die cut border strips deco paper:

-porcelain heart charms:

-black and white date stickers:


-joss paper dress:


-Czech glass striped beads:



-insect wing charms:


-pug dog playing cards:


-number label stickers:


-black heart connector charms:


-assorted colors and sizes of wooden rings:


-super pretty dark green magnesite beads:


-1879 children's book pages:


-new warning stickers:

-small heart lockets in two colors:


-glass heart charms:





-near antique store coupons:



-assorted coral beads bag:

-cute little plastic birds:


-owl beads:



-flower deco charm:




-plastic high heel charms:


-hand with evil eye center:


-colorful plastic Eiffel Tower charms:


-aluminum metal roses:


-hand with Buddha charm:


-guitar charms:


-silver metal face beads:


-bird outline charm:



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