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New Products!

The links below will bring you right to the newest products
posted to the site.

Whoa! A lot of beautiful trims!


We recently got in a large shipment of new vintage trims!
We will be adding them to this page!
Many posted now with more coming soon!

-acrylic rings:


-silver metal eye charms:


-Art Deco hexagon charms:

-silk ribbon in 4 colors:

-swirly bird charms:

-vintage look luggage stickers:

-paisley shaped charms:

-vintage metal film canisters:

-pretty heart charms:

-heart charms:

-large clear and gold cabs:

-coral branch charms:

-mermaid charms:

-curved glass beads:

-pretty blue sticker set:

-plastic tassel charms:

-plastic strawberry cabochons:

-silverplate lizard charms:

-flower charms:

-deco charms:

-infinity links:

-grey metal squares:


-frosted plastic bow beads:

-bright coral beads:

-silver flower charms:

-bright yellow faux coral:

-hand charms with cuffs:

-silver bird charms:

-cream heart charms:


-flower beads:

-bird buttons:

-bird charms:

-palm reading hand charm:

-Bai To Tom cards:

-wooden butterfly buttons:

-wooden anchor charms:

-hand charm #4227 now available in copper:


-brown glass bottles:

-grid page journals:


-colorful enamel heart embellishments:


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