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While we do our best to update the site quickly, all items on this page are subject to prior sale.

We have only ONE of each item on this page!

Vintage 1.



Vintage 2.

Lot of two woven towels or runners, probably handmade. They have a subtle tone-on-tone pattern and nice tasseled borders. Heavyweight. 47 by 17 inches, 44 by 18 inches. Small mark on one. Weight- 11 ounces.


sale $10.00


Vintage 3.



Vintage 4.

Pair of pale shadow plaid pillowcases in purple and green. One is a bit longer than the other. May be a bit faded but they are clean. Weight- 8 ounces.


sale $5.00


Vintage 5.

Pink and white towel with pretty damask flowers down the center. 20 by 28 inches.



Vintage 6.

Two cotton towels with stripes down the sides and funny anthropomorphic fruit. 16 by 27 inches. Light stains on both.



Vintage 7.



Vintage 8.

White cotton runner like piece with an inset lace M in the center. Lace part is 4.5 inches square. Piece is 16.5 by 38 inches overall. There are a few small holes and some yellow spots.



Vintage 9.

1 small doily with ruffled edges.



Vintage 10.



Vintage 11.



Vintage 12.



Vintage 13.

Small linen tablecloth with embroidery shown in one corner. One small hole. 30 by 30.


sale $1.75


Vintage 14.

Really nice vintage tablecloth with the pattern shown repeated four times. Bright red and grey, probably wasn't used/washed very much! Original tag, Calaprint brand. 33 by 35 inches. I don't see any stains or holes!



Vintage 15.

Nice small damask tablecloth, pattern has flowers, dots, lines, vases. Small holes. 32 by 32.



Vintage 16.

Small tablecloth with lace border and embroidery. 27 by 28 inches.



Vintage 17.



Vintage 18.

Damask napkins with yellow borders. Set of 6. There are a couple of small marks and one yellowed spot. Nice shape overall. 13 by 13.


sale $2.00


Vintage 19.

Two little lacey pieces to decorate ... something. You'll know it when you see it. 18 inches long.



Vintage 20.

Pretty woven runner or towel. Looks handmade. One mark. 20 by 13.



Vintage 21.


Vintage 22.



Vintage 23.

4 crocheted pieces.


sale $2.00


Vintage 24.

One cute crocheted piece. 15 inches long.



Vintage 25.

Cute print towel. 14 by 24 inches. 1 small mark.



Vintage 26.



Vintage 27.

Damask napkins, set of 5. Classic woven pattern with urns and borders. 14 by 14. A couple of them have some yellowing along fold lines but they are in good shape overall.



Vintage 28.

Unusual blue damask towel with white woven design including clovers. 18 by 33 inches.



Vintage 29.

Pale green linen hand towel. White applique border and embroidery. Embroidery is a bit loose but it's still cute. 17 by 25 inches.



Vintage 30.



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