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While we do our best to update the site quickly, all items on this page are subject to prior sale.

We have only ONE of each item on this page!

Vintage 31.




Vintage 32.



Vintage 33.

One lace piece. 11 by 19 inches.



Vintage 34.

Vintage feedsack (?) towel. It has several small holes. 33 by 36.



Vintage 35.

Small tablecloth and 2 napkins, lots of embroidery with an Asian theme. 30 by 31 inches. It doesn't seem like it was used much!



Vintage 36.



Vintage 37.

Embroidered runner with lace border, decoration is on the middle of the front so it may be for a dresser. Small marks, holes. 39 by 16.



Vintage 38.

Two of the cutest potholders you ever did see.


sale $3.00


Vintage 39.

Super cute vintage hooked mat, like a small rug. Maybe it was for a chair pad. 13.5 inches. Well made, there are no stains or holes or loose parts. The top is a bit faded. Really nice vintage piece.


sale $20.00


Vintage 40.

Lace curtain valance. 58 by 15.



Vintage 41.

2 napkins with embroidery and borders. 14 by 15 inches.



Vintage 42.

Small fine linen tablecloth. Lace border, embroidery on the edges and middle corners, and an inset lace center. Lace along edge is worn. 32 by 33 inches.



Vintage 43.

Set of 3 placemats or could be used as small towels. Openwork embroidery. 16 by 10.5 inches. They have some thin spots and a few very light marks.



Vintage 44.

Super cute table topper piece. Lace border and inset lace pieces, open work embroidery. Each lace piece has an animal on it. The edges of one of the lace pieces isn't fully attached and there are some tiny pinholes in the center portion. 26 inches. Very pretty piece.



Vintage 45.

One cute embroidered piece.



Vintage 46.



Vintage 47.



Vintage 48.

Large doily type piece with lace edge. 19 inches.



Vintage 49.

Lace runner. 14 by 42 inches. It has some faint marks.



Vintage 50.

Two lace placemat type pieces. Not perfect but pretty.



Vintage 51.



Vintage 52.

Runner with a cute shape, embroidery, not perfect but cute. 36 inches long.



Vintage 53.

Linen antimacassar set (3 pieces) and a matching runner. All of the blue is embroidery. Runner is 37 by 14.



Vintage 54.

Nice linen tablecloth with yellow and blue stripes. Very crisp! 33 by 35 inches.



Vintage 55.

Small tablecloth with openwork and CBL initials embroidered on one corner. 26 by 27 inches.



Vintage 56.

Set of 2 pretty blue handtowels. 17 by 9. They have tags from Berea College, Kentucky, marked as student work, so they must be handwoven. Neat!



Vintage 57.



Vintage 58.

3 pale pink pieces. Longer runner is 51 inches long, two smaller pieces are 13 inches long.


sale $2.50


Vintage 59.

Small crocheted piece, white with red border. 16 by 22 inches. It has a couple of areas of faint yellowing.



Vintage 60.



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