Assorted Nonsense

About Us:

Manto Fev is one-woman venture located in Omaha, NE.

We started as an online store in 2001 with an impressive range of well over 13 products. We've grown substantially since then, and continue to seek out the best and most unique products for alternative arts.

We are constantly adding new products, finds, and special deals. Our site changes nearly every day, and you never know what you'll find.

The Official Manto Fev Theme Poem:

The Manto Fev Song
by Libby Jones

Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
a package from them will save the day!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
the neatest stuff is on the way!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
Sara is the caped crusader of paper
Sara is the keeper of funny little things
together they will make your heart go pitter patter
make your collecting little spirit sing!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev
They really know how to brighten your day!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev
Once you go there, you will want to stay!

manto fev heart


If you are offended by any of the odd comments we may make on this site, please remember that we did not mean to offend you, but rather, someone you don't like. We don't like them, either, and really meant to offend *them*, not you, who we actually like and respect very much. Just so you know.

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