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Vintage Book #27.

Box set, All the Sculpture and Paintings: Michelangelo.  Two hardback books in paper box.  1963, New York World's Fair, Vatican Pavilion edition.  Box is 5 by 7.375 and 1.5 inches thick.

Paintings- pages are not numbered after the introduction,  which is about 42 pages.  There are 112 plates after that.  Some are color, some black and white.  In very good condition!

Sculpture- 77 pages of introduction and 128 plates after.  Also in very good condition.

Dust jackets on both books are very good.  When they are in the box, a little bit of wear shows on the spines, but it is barely noticeable.  This is a neat little set!

Box is in very nice condition.  Very slight wear, some scratches, and a bit of fading.  All of the seams are strong.  We don't see any obvious missing pages, writing, or tears. 

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