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Vintage Home #112.

Very cool older vintage swinging picture frame.  It came empty so we added a 1903 book page just to make it cuter for you.  We think this is older, it uses flat head screws which date to before the early 1930's.  It has a stamp on the back from a store in Chicago. Back held on with small nails.

The frame swivels or swings on center screws.  The wood has a nice design all around.  It looks like it was painted silver at one point (the lower sides of the frame still look pretty silver).  That finish is worn but it has a nice color overall and does not look shabby.

Condition is good for its age.  Silver finish is worn.  There is a nail in each corner around the edge and one on the top has popped out a little bit (shown in a photo).  Glass has been cleaned and has no noticeable cracks or chips.  There are some small chips in the wood on the bottom of the base.  There may have been a paper backing that is now missing, but it's easier to get your picture in and out that way.  

The picture opening is 5 by 7 inches at the back.  Overall it is 8.25 inches high and 8.25 across the base.

weight - 9 ounces

You get 1 piece as shown.

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