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Vintage Home #127.

This is surely a one of a kind piece!  It's a vintage print attached to a sheet of glass and lined with gold tape to make a little picture.  The image is a woman and two children spotting a horse and carriage coming down the road in the distance.  Even the dog is involved!

The back looks like it was a Jell-O ad card or was cut from a magazine with recipes on the flip side.  The clothing of the woman looks like it is from the 1920s.  The edge was finished with cream colored tape of some sort, and the front and sides were painted gold.

5.5 by 4.125 inches.

Good vintage condition but worn.  There is wear to the gold finish.  The glue used to attach the paper has caused some discoloration on the front of the image.  It looks like the back was attached to something that has left residue on the paper.  There is no hanger.  Still, a cute piece if you have a little easel or something to prop it on.

You get 1 piece.


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