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Vintage Home #168.

Here is a NOS (new old stock) gold plated brass memo tree.  We found it in its original box, still wrapped with store provided wrapping paper, with a paper label on the outside to show the contents.  We took off the paper to take pictures, so it is in like new condition.  Originally from Kmart.

Green stone base with 5 arms that have clips to help organize your life.  Pending, Tomorrow, Today, Urgent, and Manana are your clip choices.   Fun vintage piece to decorate your desk.

About 8.75 inches high, base is about 3.375 by 2.5 inches, the labels on the clips are 1.75 inches long.

Like new vintage condition.  Box shows some wear on the corners.  The label of "manana" was put on a bit crooked.

weight in original box - 16 ounces

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