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Vintage Home #106.

Stately brass 2 arm candlestick holder.  It has no markings other than a "made in India" sticker.  A magnet does not stick to it and it has a nice mellow color so we believe it is brass.  The base does screw off and we may unscrew it for shipping if necessary.  Accessories not included.

There is a considerable amount of patina.  Some may be dried-on brass cleaner from before we acquired it.  We attempted two methods of cleaning but a lot of "cloudiness" still remains on the base and on the cups.  It is not noticeable until you are in close range, but it is still there and the price reflects this condition.  Maybe you have a secret cleaning method so we'll leave it to you!

8.625 inches high.  8.25 across at the widest point.  Almost 4.75 inches across the base.

weight - 1 lb, 12 ounces

You get 1 piece.

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